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How Lutron Can Make Your Technology Smarter

Expand Beyond Simple Lighting Control

How Lutron Can Make Your Technology Smarter

In the past, we’ve written about the many benefits of lighting control systems.  We’ve also written about Lutron, the acknowledged leader in lighting control, and some of its many features.  But Lutron has also done some exciting things to blend lighting with other home automation features. 

In this blog, we’d like to feature a couple of useful integration features that add convenience and a touch of luxury.  We’re big fans of Lutron’s flexibility and control options with lighting.  We’re also fans of Sonos, whose wireless speakers and Connect system brings a simple approach to whole home audio.  And we’re also fans of Amazon’s Alexa, for the power it brings to voice control.

Lutron is a fan of both too, and they have made it easy to control Sonos audio through their simple wireless remotes and keypads, as well as use your voice to control your lights through Alexa.  It can also make your home a little safer by working with Google’s Nest camera.

Read on to read more about some of Lutron’s many integration options. 


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Lights, Camera, Music

Lutron makes a variety of keypads for lighting control.  One of those is the Pico, a very versatile wireless remote that can function as a handheld remote – something you can keep on a coffee table – or mounted on a wall as part of a keypad. 

The Pico has some nifty integration features with Sonos speaker and Connect systems.  Sonos is extremely easy to use and is controlled primarily through its own smartphone and tablet app, which aggregates a variety of music streaming sources in one place.  But what if you’re at home, and your phone is in another room? 

Or perhaps you get a call while the music is playing? Lutron has made it easy to have another way to control Sonos.  Lutron’s Bridge is a controller that integrates with other smart devices.  With it and Lutron’s Connect app, a Pico remote can be programmed to do things like play or pause, cycle through favorite playlists, and control volume.

Not only that, with Lutron you could integrate music with a lighting scene, so if you wanted some mellow listening time the lights could dim and your Sonos music plays with a touch of a button on a remote.  Sometimes it’s just easier to have a convenient remote and hit a button to do something without getting into an app – and Lutron makes it easy. 

We did mention cameras.  Another integration is the ability to coordinate lights with a Nest camera. If the Nest detects motion, it could bring up the lights to startle a would-be intruder.  The beauty of it is that it’s just another programmable feature possible with Lutron’s Bridge.

Alexa, Turn on Goodnight

If you’ve become enamored of Alexa – or even Google Assistant – you will be happy to know that Lutron makes it easy to manage your lights with your smart speaker.  You could control specific lights or turn a scene on and off.  For example, a “Goodnight” scene could turn off all the house lights, leave some dimmed lights in the hallway and kitchen, and turn on some specific lights outside for security.  If you like to fall asleep to soft music, your Sonos system could also kick in to play a little Diana Krall too.


Want to learn about more convenient ways to integrate Lutron lighting control with other features in your home?  Call us at (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form.