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Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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How Outdoor Lighting Control Elevates the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Discover incredible outdoor lighting options that will take your home's curb appeal to the next level.

How Outdoor Lighting Control Elevates the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Proper outdoor lighting can, quite literally, paint your home in a whole new light. Working with a professional lighting control company is the best way to ensure that your home receives outside lighting that will work with your landscaping and style. 

If you'd like to explore outdoor lighting control possibilities for your Minneapolis, MN, home, you're in the right place. Lelch Audio Video can help you create the lighting scene of your dreams, enhancing curb appeal and the overall appearance of your residence.

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Improving Your Home's Exterior

Whether you want to sell someday or your home improvements are for no one but yourself, there's nothing wrong with substantially improving the exterior of your home with outdoor illumination. Amping up your home's curb appeal via lighting will help it stand apart from other homes in your neighborhood, keep it well-lit, and provide a gorgeous addition to your current landscaping.

Outdoor lighting works in various ways to spruce up the outside of your home. Here are a few ways lighting control will make your house feel safer and exude uniqueness. 


A generously lit yard and porch naturally draw the eye, but they also deter trespassers, burglars, and intruders. Regardless of the safety level of your neighborhood, it always helps to present a few security measures. Lighting paired with motion detection can make your house less appealing to those with less than desirable intentions. Our team can position your lights in a way where darkness is limited.


Yes, security is important, but so is the overall safety of your home. Patio stairs and poorly-lit pathways can potentially cause tripping hazards, increasing the likelihood that you, a family member, or a delivery person could fall outside your residence. 

We know that you'd like to avoid your guests stumbling along your drive or walkway in an attempt to find their way to your front door. Developing a glowing pathway to your home makes it look much more inviting, and you can turn it off from your smartphone whenever uninvited guests arrive. We're kidding!


We cannot stress enough how striking well-executed outdoor lighting can make your home look. At Lelch Audio Video, we'll create outdoor lighting solutions tailored to the design of your specific home, which means it will be beyond distinctive.

Let Your Home Exterior Shine

Curb appeal means that your home stands out from those around it, but it also encompasses a warm and alluring glimmer that flows seamlessly with your landscaping and architecture. If you want to explore your choices regarding outdoor lighting control for your home, contact our team today!