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How to Enjoy Your Favorite Streaming Services on Your Home Stereo

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Wireless Sound System

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Streaming Services on Your Home Stereo

From music services with millions of songs to online radio stations from around the world, wireless streaming has changed the face of home audio. Unfortunately, this often means being forced to listen on smartphones or computers to access common streaming providers. In this blog, we highlight two ways that you can listen on high-quality speakers throughout your Wayzata, MN home. The two primary options are investing in equipment that lets you stream content to your existing home audio equipment or investing in a brand new wireless sound system.

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Upgrading Your Home Stereo System

If you already have a dedicated sound system, there’s no reason to invest in an entirely new wireless one. With a few modifications, you can begin streaming Spotify, Tidal or Google Music to your loudspeakers or even televisions so you don’t have to settle for audio on your smartphone or computer. When looking for wireless devices, opt for Wi-Fi connectivity which can span your entire home rather than being relegated to one room.

  • Sonos Connect: While Sonos is best known for its line of speakers, it can also give your existing stereo wireless capabilities. Link the Sonos CONNECT to your loudspeakers to stream your favorite services at the touch of a button. The experts at Lelch AV can help you configure your system to ensure that all your current speakers are connected. We then divide it into distinct audio zones so you can quickly stream music in your living room, outdoor spaces, or bedrooms.
  • AV receivers: You can also connect your streaming services to your home theater surround sound system. In the past, this meant manually connecting your smartphone to an auxiliary input on your home theater receiver. Now most AV receivers include built-in Wi-Fi so you can access your favorite video and audio streaming services directly.
  • Network Music Players: If you have a large digital collection, you can also opt for network digital music players. Link these devices to your sound system to listen to the libraries on your hard drive, smartphone, or tablet. You can also get access to a variety of online radio stations and streaming services depending on the device. We help you find the one that makes the most sense for you based on your music preferences.

Investing in a New Wireless Sound System

If you don’t already have a whole home audio solution, it might be better to start from scratch. Make it easy to stream music to every corner of your property by investing in a wireless sound system. These can range from a Bluetooth speaker limited to one room or whole-home options from the likes of Sonos or HEOS. To figure out which to purchase for your home, you can check out our review of the top wireless sound systems on the market.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current home audio system or invest in a brand new wireless solution, we’re here to help. To get started, call us at 612-353-5087 or schedule an appointment.