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How to Get More Out of Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Lighting

Expand the Reach of Your Home with Our Landscape Lighting Solutions

How to Get More Out of Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Lighting

When you're designing your Edina, MN home's outdoor spaces, from your pool to your patio, you should give them the same attention as your indoor rooms. They should be fun, comfortable, and respect your stylistic vision. You can accomplish this through the furniture you use, entertainment you install, and more. But one of the primary ways to bring life to your outdoor spaces is with the right lighting. With a lighting control system, you can create a versatile design that gives added depth and comfort.

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Create a Layered Lighting Design for Your Space

A lighting control system makes it easier to manage multiple fixtures. With control from dedicated touchpads, smart devices or elegant keypads, you don’t have to settle for a one-tone solution to your landscape lighting. Instead, we recommend investing in an LED design that takes advantage of the T.A.G concept. This means incorporating task, accent and general fixtures.

Task lighting serves a particular purpose in your landscape lighting. It can be LED lights that illuminate your pathways or a small fixture above the grill for when you're hosting a cookout. Accent lighting offers an aesthetic touch. You can have fixtures highlight certain architectural features. You can also have components that serve both functional and decorative purposes, like Tiki torches or fire pits. General fixtures offer overhead lighting that covers most of your space.

Enhance Safety and Efficiency with Automated Controls

If you want to simplify all of these outdoor fixtures further, you can take advantage of automated controls. This is a hands-off approach to your landscape lighting. Through your lighting control system, you can use schedules or sensors to have lights automatically adjust without any input from you. Lighting automation can significantly enhance your energy efficiency and safety.

You can schedule lights to turn on when the sun sets then turn off in the morning, so you're not leaving them on when they're not needed. Have lights on your property’s periphery linked to motion sensors, so they turn on when there's any unwanted activity, alerting intruders that they've been spotted. Pathway lights can automatically turn on when you walk through them to avoid dangerous tripping hazards.

Create Livable Spaces with Pre-Set Scenes

It’s also easier to incorporate this T.A.G concept with the use of scenes. Scenes within your home lighting control system let you adjust multiple fixtures automatically to match your particular mood or activity. For example, a ‘Swimming' scene can turn on your outdoor overhead fixtures, an LED light inside the pool, and task lighting on the main walkways.

Once your lighting is set, we can help you create the ideal outdoor environment with weatherproof TVs and speakers. Add easy-to-manage fireplaces to stay warm as the temperatures begin to dip. To get started, just give us a call at 612-353-5087 or fill out our online contact form.