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How to Nail Your Next Sales Pitch with the Right Technology

Here Are 5 Tips to Truly Engage With Your Audience

How to Nail Your Next Sales Pitch with the Right Technology

We’ve all had the same nightmare: we’ve prepared meticulously to meet with a client only to have the microphone, audio, or software fail at the worst possible moment. It says a lot about standard presentation technology solutions that so many of us see them more as obstacles than legitimate tools. 

But what if the presentation technology in your Edina, MN office was there to support you rather than terrify you? Below we highlight some sales best practices and show how the right technology helps you stick to them. 

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Tip 1) Maintain a Two-Way Conversation 

A successful sales pitch shouldn’t be about throwing a bunch of information at someone.  Instead, you want to maintain an open conversation with the other person. With high-quality audio and video, your presentation technology helps you develop that connection. 

It’ll help you connect with the other person to get to know their needs. This way you can cater your pitch to them and create a more lasting impression. Ask a lot of questions and think about possible products or services that can address their specific needs. Through video conferencing, it’s easier for your prospective client to gauge your reactions and see that you're engaged.


Tip 2) Optimize the Time You Have  

Time is precious. The best salespeople know this. The longer you spend with your client, the more likely you are to convert the sale.  But there is a caveat to this. That time needs to be optimized. As with our first tip today, one aspect of this is having a valuable conversation and not just droning on for an hour. 

The other is not having any dead space in your sales pitch. Have content teed up for wherever the conversation may lead you. Here is where an intuitive control solution is pivotal to your presentation technology. Have hardware in place that makes it easy to pull up content wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone. It’s ready to go as soon as you need to present it to a client. 


Tip 3) Create a Professional Environment

We all enjoy the laid back benefits of video conferencing. At the press of a button, you can connect with any potential clients. Depending on your camera angle, you could even conduct the meeting in sweatpants! When making first impressions, though, it's vital that you stress professionalism. Through an integrated boardroom, it's easy to set the stage.

From a dedicated touchpad, you can adjust all the technology in the room. Change the lighting to create a well-lit environment. Move the screen and camera angles to make sure everyone can see and be seen. Bring down the shades to reduce ambient lighting. Finally, get rid of any clutter that isn’t relevant to the call. Let your prospective client know you're focused entirely on them.

A successful sales pitch comes down to making a lasting impression on prospective clients. Creating a powerful connection depends on gauging their needs and addressing them adequately. In this regard, technology can be a big help. To explore the benefits of presentation technology, reach out through our contact form or the chat window at the bottom right of the page.