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How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Manage Lights, Entertainment and More with Simple Commands

How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

The biggest thing to hit the smart home industry in 2017 is the emergence of voice control. Though Amazon Echo has dominated the market so far, Google Home and Apple HomeKit also offer their versions of voice-activated speakers that can manage timers, locks, climates, entertainment and more. We've incorporated this new technology into our home automation systems so you can manage all your technology with simple voice commands. In this blog, we highlight some tips to get the most out of voice control in your Minnetonka, MN home.

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Start Off With a Strong Voice-Activated Speaker

Your voice-activated home automation system is only going to be as reliable as the devices you include. The experts at Lelch AV can help you find the ideal products so you can manage what matters most in your brand new smart home. It all starts with the right voice-activated speaker. For now, we recommend sticking with Amazon Echo, which recognizes the most commands and is compatible with the top automation companies including Crestron and Control4. 

Find Out What You Want to Do with Your System  

With the standalone speaker, you can ask Amazon’s Alexa to answer questions, give you weather updates, stream music, set timers, create memos and update to-do lists. To do more, you’re going to have to install additional devices. You can add a smart thermostat, lighting control, wireless speakers, security and more. We work with you to figure out which technology you’d like to manage with your system and find the necessary devices to complete your voice-activated smart home. 

During this time we can advise you on what control options make the most sense. While voice control may be the most popular feature these days, it’s not always ideal. By working with a full home automation system, you can find the perfect way to manage your technology in every room. For example, in a TV setting having a smart remote or touchpad along with your voice control lets you make changes without interrupting the content. In a nursery, you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary noises so a remote or touchpad may be a better alternative. 

Upgrade to an Integrated Solution for Added Control

While you can opt for DIY smart home devices to go with your Amazon Echo, an integrated solution opens up doors to a new set of possibilities. The biggest benefit is being able to access scenes through a Crestron or Control4 smart home automation system. Instead of having to use specific commands for each device, one command can control multiple devices simultaneously.

If you're hosting friends, you can just say "Alexa, turn Party Scene on" and the room prepares for a get-together. The thermostat lowers, lights brighten, and your pre-determined playlist begins. These scenes are also ideal in situations where you'll likely have your hands full including “a “Cooking” scene that prepares the kitchen for you in a matter of seconds.

Want to learn more about how voice control works and the ways you could incorporate it into your Minnesota home? Call us at (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form.