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Huddle Room Solutions: Sound Masking

Protect Privacy and Promote Productivity

Huddle Room Solutions: Sound Masking

Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or Lakeville, Minnesota, you’ve probably noticed how workplace culture is changing.

Instead of individual offices or cubicles, open floor plans dominate. It makes sense; the free flow of movement can increase collaboration and productivity.

And instead of your typical conference room, more and more businesses are implementing huddle rooms. These small spaces offer the privacy needed to break away and generate ideas among a small group of people.

But the thin walls of your office building may not offer the level of privacy necessary for your staff to communicate effectively. In those cases, sound masking is one of the best huddle room solutions.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the benefits of implementing sound masking technology in your huddle rooms and throughout your workspace.


Sound Masking: What Is It?

It may seem counter intuitive, but when you’re in a perfectly quiet room you can hear everything. Every footstep outside the door, every tick of the clock, and more.

Ambient noises help cover those little distractions up; the hum of the HVAC unit, the small fans in your computers. But you can still get distracted by the sound of voices from across the room.

Sound masking is a technology that helps prevent that. It’s ambient noise, tuned to the frequency of human speech. While you may not even realize it’s there, you’ll notice you can’t quite make out what anyone is saying if they’re not speaking directly to you.

As you can imagine, this has numerous applications in a workspace. In your huddle room, it can keep meetings confidential without expensive sound proofing and minimal additional construction.

How it Works

A sound masking system isn’t much different than a speaker system used for music or other streaming audio applications. The primary difference is that these speakers are used to cover up sound, rather than produce it.

In most cases, strategically placed speakers installed in the ceiling fire downward for full coverage of your workspace. Other times, speakers hidden within the ceiling fire upward and use the natural reflection of the walls to offer indirect coverage.

Users can also control each speaker individually, so you can turn up the volume on one or multiple devices for even more privacy.


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