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Illuminate Your Space with LED Lighting

Save Energy, Boost Efficiency and Add Style With Lutron Lighting Control

Illuminate Your Space with LED Lighting

A lighting control system brings both luxury and convenience to your daily life.  So why not bring the best one to your place?

We recommend combining smart control with LED lighting.  It has endless advantages and will make your Lakeville, MN home look spectacular.

In this blog, we explain why an LED Lutron lighting system is key for your home and showcase some of the luxury options offered by Lutron. Read on to see why it’s a great fit for you!


Benefits of LED Lighting

You’ve probably heard of LED before, and maybe associate it with going green.  They are indeed eco-friendly bulbs, but what exactly is LED?

To put it simply – an LED is a semiconductor device that works when an electric current flows through it.  It has a light engine, which determines its light quality, and a dimmer and driver that control the dimming and LED performance.

When choosing LED lighting, you can pick from bulbs or fixtures.  The bulbs are meant to replace standard screw-in ones, while the fixtures come in a variety of different styles – from cove lights to pendants.

The best part about LED lighting is its energy efficiency.  It doesn’t use nearly as much energy as fluorescent bulbs, and the bulbs themselves last much longer.

The dimming option also cuts down on lots of energy usage.  You can dim lights without totally turning them off, reducing energy usage by not relying on intense brightness when it’s not needed.

A Variety of Styles

Here at Lech Audio Video, we provide every style and type of Lutron LED fixture available for your home.  The Ivalo collection at Lutron has endless products to select.

There are numerous sconces and pendants to choose from, that not only bring ease to your daily routine, but also give an added taste of luxury and elegance to any room they’re placed in.

These LED fixtures can accentuate and optimize your architectural spaces to create refined and stylish décor, while also conveniently lighting your home. Below are some of our favorite options and their best uses:

  • Aliante Penants: These are an ideal minimalist approach to the traditional chandeliers you might see in luxury dining spaces.
  • Rotare Interior Sconce: An elegant solution for focused lighting within your home, it’s ideal for offices or reading rooms.
  • The Silvus Sconce: Add a practical interior design spark to your home with the stylistic Silvus family available in a variety of color finishes.

With an LED lighting Lutron System, You’ll have the beauty of a sophisticated lighting system – at a fraction of the cost and simultaneously save energy as well. Brightening up your space and reducing your carbon footprint go hand in hand.

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!