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Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Stereo System

These Top 3 Brands Can Transform Your Listening Experience

Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Stereo System

Listening to your selected music can take you to another level entirely.  You can have that elevated experience – as if you were at your favorite artist’s concert – every time, with a home stereo system.

Your Lakeville, MN home can become the perfect space to hear a new album or play the same songs over and over again.  You want a system that always produces high-end audio – so how can you achieve this?

We go over the top brands that guarantee a quality performance for every use.  Read on to see how you can completely change your auditory experiences from here on out.



Sonos offers an incredible high sound quality, as well as the ability to listen to your tunes in every corner of your house with whole home audio.

Listen to jams in the kitchen, or as you relax in the living room.  Your audio can follow you outside to the patio, or even to the laundry room as you go about the day’s tasks.  Everything is connected and runs seamlessly together.

The Sonos home sound system lets you manage sound in any room, and delivers clear audio with zero distortion.

The system is easy to control; you can download an app to manage your songs and playlists, to adjust the volume, and to choose where to play your audio.  You can even connect the system to Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use voice control!

Bowers & Wilkins

Known for their exceptional loudspeakers, Bowers & Wilkins know how to give you the full theatrical feel and high-end quality.  They are constantly innovating their speakers to achieve the highest performance.

Their Diamond Series is the height of perfection, with their latest 800 Series Diamond providing the clear and perfected sound needed for any space.

They also offer subwoofers, surround sound, and floorstanders to create the ultimate listening environment.  If you are ready to enhance every aspect of your audio, Bowers & Wilkins have the products for you.


Are you looking for that more discreet, hidden look for your stereo system?  Sonance specializes in in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

You don’t have to compromise your desired aesthetics for sound quality.  From their Architectural Series focusing on the blending of the two, to their Invisible Series that show no trace of equipment – Sonance has an option for you.

You can easily find the right balance between how visible you want your speakers to appear, and how you’d like them to fit in with your existing décor.  Sonance is your go-to for when you want to keep your visuals, but not sacrifice your audio’s performance.

If you’re interested in a home stereo system for your Lakeville space, we highly recommend these superb brands. Want to learn more about finding the right one for you?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our team would love to hear from you!