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Installation Guide: Bringing Motorized Shades Into Your Home

Lelch AV Creates a Comprehensive Solution Designed to Meet Your Needs

Installation Guide: Bringing Motorized Shades Into Your Home


Motorized shades are an investment that will benefit your family by enhancing your security, reducing energy costs and boosting your interior design. Our goal is not only to bring the latest technology into your Edina, Minnesota home but to make sure it's primed to meet your particular needs. Motorized shades are one of the easiest technology upgrades you can make, but you should still take the following questions into account when installing them in your home:

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Do You Want To Start In One Room Or Your Entire Home?

We partner with QMotion Shades to offer a variety of options ranging from one room to full home solutions. Want to start in your living room where your floor to ceiling windows are too difficult to handle manually? We can upgrade your shades and give you a multi-channel remote that controls up to six fixtures. If you want a more comprehensive solution, you can use a QConnect to link your shades to a full home automation system.  

How Do You Want To Control Your Shades?

While handheld remotes remain one of the most popular options, they’re not the only way to control your shades. With the QConnect or QSync systems, you can also have access from your tablet or smartphone for added convenience. Use a timer remote to schedule shades to adjust automatically at sunrise or sunset. For example, shades can go up at sunrise to help you wake up in the morning then go back down at sunset to protect your home's privacy. You can also have them close during the hottest times of the day to help keep your house cool during the summer. All QMotion shades also include a manual override so you can adjust shades without any control device if needed.  

What Type Of Shades Should You Use?

In a previous blog, we went into detail regarding which type of motorized shades are the right fit for your home. It depends on a variety of factors including your stylistic preferences, the size of your windows, and your shades' primary purpose. For example, honeycomb shades are great for regulating temperature. Air pockets within the fabric insulate the home in the winter while denser fabric can keep sunlight out in the summer.  

How Will Your Shades Fit Your Interior Design?

Just because you're modernizing, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. Aside from the popular honeycomb option, you can also go for elegant motorized drapes or rustic blinds in your kitchen. Whatever your preference, we help you find a solution that doesn’t feel out of place in your home. All shades come with thousands of color options so you can find one that matches perfectly with the colors you’ve picked out for your walls or furniture.   Motorized shades are a quick way to bring added convenience and beauty to your home. Contact Lelch AV to install a comprehensive solution.  

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