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Interactive Whiteboards: The Ultimate Huddle Room Upgrade

Ditch the Traditional Whiteboard and Embrace This Collaborative Tool

Interactive Whiteboards: The Ultimate Huddle Room Upgrade

Now more than ever office spaces need to create a collaborative environment. A common problem is figuring out just what that will look like and how many people will be involved. Does the entire company need to be included or just a small team? Research by Samsung Electronics America found collaboration is more valuable in small groups.

For those situations when a team of four to six people wants to get together and share ideas, a huddle room is the perfect solution for your Eden Prairie office. Once you start designing a huddle room, it's crucial to include tools that will encourage the sharing of ideas. Relying on old equipment can lead to stale sessions and frustrated employees. As interactive whiteboards become more affordable, we recommend them as the ultimate collaborative tool.


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What is An Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard usually includes a touch-sensitive display that lets every member of the group collaborate. Sometimes the whiteboard is linked to a computer, and the image is projected on to the screen. On either format, the whiteboard lets the user share presentations, take notes, show video, move information around, and save everything as you go. Since the display is interactive, it's easier for everyone in the huddle room to collaborate either by coming up to the screen or contributing through their devices.


Why Should You Get One?

You can experience a many benefits from having a collaborative tool that lets everyone participate in an efficient, visual and organized manner.

  • No More Hasty Notes: Are you tired of taking grainy photos of the whiteboard or writing down quick notes when you're done with a meeting? Now you can save all your notes and changes as you go and even record your session so you can see how ideas evolved.
  • What Does That Say?: In some cases, handwritten notes can automatically be typed up on the whiteboard so you don't have to miss out on a great idea because you can't make out what you wrote the next day.
  • Enhance Engagement: A tool that allows everyone to join in will foster a collaborative environment. The initial display ensures everyone starts off on the same page. As everyone joins, it’s easy to see where ideas are headed and feel invested in the process.


What Features Can You Choose?

Some boards simply let everyone on the team add notes and annotate a specific presentation whether they’re there physically or joining from home or a business trip. This is perfect for companies with a lot of remote employees.

Whiteboards can also let you share and edit presentations, highlight certain sections, add color-coded notes, incorporate video conferencing, zoom in and out, and even bookmark specific notes or sections. Interactive Whiteboards integrate with major applications like Office 365 and Adobe Illustrator.

Another thing to consider is how you want to connect to your whiteboard. Many can link up to computers or devices via USB cables while others rely on wi-fi or Bluetooth technology. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose from one option or a hybrid of both.


Do you want to enhance your office creativity and productivity with an upgraded huddle room solution? Learn more about the latest collaborative tools by calling us at (612) 353-5087 or filling out our online contact form.