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Lutron Enhances Every Aspect of Your Home

The Lighting Control System for Any Space

Lutron Enhances Every Aspect of Your Home

Maybe your interior design and décor have already been established in your home.  You might wonder how you can add a new smart feature or technology without disrupting your aesthetics.

With a Lutron lighting system, your Minnetonka, MN property can shine brilliantly and still maintain its appealing appearance.  You don’t have to sacrifice your style for the benefits and security your system can provide!

Want to learn how the Lutron brand provides the best lighting control system to transform your home into a space of comfort and safety?  Read on for more!


Added Luxury and Efficiency

Your smart lighting is specifically designed to make your daily life that much easier and comfortable.  From a smart device of your choice – be it your smartphone or a keypad on the wall – you can easily control your whole system.

Simply press a button for the lights to dim while you relax in the living room, or brighten for when you’re ready to read a book or want to liven up a space.

Lutron allows you to customize your system to your needs.  You can install timers to shut off all your lights once you’re headed to bed, or for when you leave the house – so you can save energy and lower those bills.

Installing motion sensors is another option that can tell when the last person has left a room, and will then automatically shut off the lights when it senses the room is empty.  Going green has never been easier.

Your Style and Design

Speaking of those smart devices, you might wonder if a keypad or touch panel will mess with your room’s decoration or design.  However, Lutron offers a variety of styles to choose from that are best fit for you.

From ones that blend in seamlessly to your wall, to others that are slightly more noticeable for your family and friends to use with ease – there are options of every style to go with your existing décor.

Needed Safety and Security

When you’re arriving home at night from work, even the walk from the car to the door can be precarious.  There’s no need to fumble with your keys or trip in the dark with Lutron’s landscape lighting.

Light a path from the driveway to the door as soon as your car pulls in.  Set the lights to turn on as soon as the sun sets, and keep unwanted guests away while adding curb appeal.

For when you go out of town, pair the lighting with your alarm system to have your lights turn on and off at certain times during the day.  This will mimic your daily routine and will ward robbers off from a seemingly occupied home.

Want to learn more about how a Lutron lighting system could elevate every part of your Minnesota home?  Give us a call or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation form.  We’d love to hear from you!