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Simplify House Cleaning with a Central Vacuum

Simplify House Cleaning with a Central Vacuum

Simplify House Cleaning with a Central Vacuum

A central vacuum makes it that much easier to keep your Minnetonka, MN living space tidy and spotless. But what about when your home needs a system that uniquely fits it?

There is no longer just the “one-size-fits-all” option. You can customize your central vacuum to your exact home and rooms’ needs.  Read on to learn about a smart tech that’s perfect for any space, with special features that can make every day cleaning a breeze.

Pet Brushes: Hairy Pet, No Problem

There’s nothing worse than when you’re pet begins to shed and it feels like their hair has ended up everywhere – from the bedroom to the kitchen sink.  Luckily, a central vacuum’s accessories don’t have to be limited to set parts.

When the shredded hair or fur feels endless, you can have an easy access pet brush for any room that the fluff seems to accumulate in – even if it’s every single corner of the house.

A pet brush is specially designed to grab those pesky stray hairs and clumps that litter the floor and counters.  Cleaning up after a dog or cat has never been easier.

Floor Sweep: The Elevated Dust Pan

A normal dustpan can leave the small amount of debris left on the floor in a neat little line.  But a floor sweep is the ideal blending of a central vacuum with a dustpan’s concept.

Installed as a base-board mounted receptacle, the sweep sucks in dirt that you sweep towards it with a broom.  In rooms with hardwood floors, such as the kitchen or sitting rooms, the floor sweep can make getting every last piece of debris a simple task.

Retractable Hoses: Easy-to-Use

There are so many areas in your home that are out of reach.  You could find a step stool, or make it simpler for you with a long hose.  Beam offers an “EasyReach” retractable hose that gets up to 13 feet to get to those tough places.

But even when you need a longer reach, the hose even has an inner hose sleeve in the main part that will expand to 30 feet.  It’s easy to manage, with only a press of a button extending or retracting the hose.

Now no spot is unreachable or inaccessible to cleaning!

Are you interested in a central vacuum for your home but afraid it won’t meet your home’s standards?  These accessories make it so every room has what it needs for a good cleaning.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, give us a call or fill out our quick contact form online.  Our team would love to hear from you!