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Sonos | Build a Multi-Room System with In-Ceiling Speakers

Play Music Out of Thin Air & Connect the Whole Home

Sonos | Build a Multi-Room System with In-Ceiling Speakers

What if your entire house was a single sound system? With Sonos, it can be! 

Sonos is known for manufacturing high-quality and affordable wireless speakers, like their powerful TV soundbars and portable devices. Sonos speakers easily connect to a single system, so music plays in sync across the house. And if you’re looking for something more minimalistic, Sonos also offers architectural speakers that are installed within the walls and ceiling. 

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers should be installed by a professional, but they can still be integrated into the same Sonos system. Plus, Sonos’s built-in technology calibrates architectural speakers to sound their best. 

Are you interested in a home audio installation with Sonos? Here’s all you need to know for your Minneapolis, MN home. 

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Audio That’s Heard, Not Seen 

The tricky thing about whole-home audio is finding a location for speakers in every room. Plus, you’ll need an outlet nearby (even wireless speakers need power from somewhere!). Architectural speakers give you the space you need. Like recessed lighting, Sonos’s architectural speakers are installed inside the ceiling or wall behind a flat, paintable grille. 

Behind the surface, we wire speakers to the Sonos Amp, which distributes power and media to the speakers while connecting them to the Sonos system. For this reason, architectural speakers are best installed during a new home build or retrofit project. 

Connected to One System 

The Sonos Amp can power up to three speakers at once, but all your speakers will connect to the same Sonos app on your phone. On the app, you can link multiple Sonos speakers to play in unison. Group speakers into rooms or zones, like “First Floor” and “Second Floor” to quickly control where music plays. 

It’s simple to add new speakers to the system, too. On the app, you’ll simply tap System>Add Product. The screen will provide the next steps to find and connect a speaker or Amp. Once more than one device is connected, you can sync them to play as a unit. 

Add Your Old Analog Speakers

If you already own wired analog speakers, you don’t need to toss them out. You can integrate analog speakers into your Sonos system with the Sonos Amp, the same amplifier that powers in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. 

To connect the speakers, you’ll insert the speaker wire into the Amp, then wirelessly find the Amp on the Sonos app. Now you can control your legacy speakers from the same app as the rest of your Sonos speakers! 

Achieve Perfect Acoustics with Trueplay 

So you’ve installed architectural speakers, but now the room is causing echo and distortion. Luckily, Sonos is one step ahead with Trueplay. Trueplay is a spatially-aware technology that measures how sound reflects against the floor, walls, and furniture, influencing musical output. And it’s already built into Sonos speakers and the app! 

The Sonos app uses your phone microphone to gather acoustical information. As you set up Trueplay, it will ask you to walk around the room so it can hear how reflections sound. Within minutes, your speakers will be calibrated to reduce echo and muffled audio, sounding their best.

Where Can You Find a Sonos Installer in Minneapolis? 

If you’re interested in hidden architectural speakers and multi-room audio, Lelch Audio Video is your destination. We design and install audio systems that seamlessly blend into your home’s interior. 


Contact us here to get started today! 


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