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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Surround Sound Installer

[sc:author ] Surround_Sound_Installer Surround sound refers to an audio system that “surrounds” the listener completely.At one time, this type of encounter could only be found in a theater. But in recent years, technology has made it such that most homeowners can enjoy this without leaving home. There are also so many packages and options, anyone is sure to find an affordable solution for their home. And while several of these systems are easy to install, hiring a surround sound installer is imperative to getting the maximum home theater experience.

Surround Sound Installer

There are so many different components and options available these days, it can be overwhelming to a novice. A professional can help you determine what parts are essential to your specific needs and home. The layout of your theater room may be more conducive for wall mount speakers as opposed to the floor ones. Positioning each speaker just so will make the listener feel like they’re right in the middle of all the action! Being off even a fraction of a degree can create a serious void of sound. An experienced installer will know exactly what you need and where to set it up for optimal results.

Nothing is Too Difficult For a Surround Sound Installer

If you don’t mind wires stretched across your room from television to DVD player to speaker, installing it yourself is fine. But for those who prefer the wires to be hidden and wall mount speakers to be flush to the wall, professional installation may be necessary. And that doesn’t even begin to account for the frustration that comes with troubleshooting. Experienced installers know precisely how everything works together, and therefore able to avoid most problems. Should any problems arise, a pro will have it resolved in little to no time, as he or she has probably encountered it before.

A Surround Sound Installer Has The Plan for Perfect Sound

Surround sound installation is not as simple as throwing a few speakers around the room. The acoustics in your theater room will affect the quality of your sound. There may be a need to add dampers or amplifiers to get the ideal experience. You don’t want the sound from your system getting lost in the room or bouncing around either. Accurate placement of every speaker, wire, amplifier, acoustical pads, and other components will ensure the best possible results. A professional will also know how to avoid that pesky static interference that is all too frequent with electrical devices.

When you need a surround sound installer that not only knows the industry inside and out but has the best products available, you need Lelch Audio Video. We hire only the most knowledgeable professionals for our team, and we guarantee every project will be done to your ultimate satisfaction. We stand behind our equipment, installations, and team members. For a top rated surround sound installer in Minnesota, give Lelch Audio Video a call!

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