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The Smart Home Technology Designed to Keep Your Property Safe

Keep Your Family and Your House Secure With These Intelligent Devices

The Smart Home Technology Designed to Keep Your Property Safe

Smart home systems are designed to bring the task of keeping your family safe into your own hands.

These connected devices all serve a purpose: Whenever anything goes awry, you will be the first to know – whether you’re at home or you’re halfway around the world. These technologies also allow you to proactively ensure your property remains safe, which always is a top priority.

At Lelch Audio | Video, we’re always evaluating the best smart devices available so that we can include them in our projects to enhance your lifestyle.

So, what is the smart home technology you can include throughout your Lakeville, Minnesota house that will keep your family safe?

We explore the answer below.

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Video Doorbells

The last thing you would want, as a homeowner, is for a potential intruder to break in – let alone through your front door.

That’s why a video doorbell is so essential – some even are designed to alert you in the event of potential intrusions.

We partner with Ring for our video doorbell installations. Some Ring models feature motion-detection alerts, meaning when your doorbell senses nearby movement, you’ll receive a push notification directly to your smartphone or tablet.

From that notification, you’ll immediately be able to view your doorbell camera and evaluate the potential threat in high definition – even at nighttime.

Of course, video doorbells also can be helpful when welcoming strangers such as delivery or house workers to your residence. Once the doorbell rings, you can answer from your mobile device and view whoever might be at your front door. 

Water and Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Being a homeowner means being prepared for the times when things might go wrong.

You don’t want to be late to realize there is a high level of carbon monoxide in your home or even a fire developing. Sure, you have alarms – but they’re not always reliable.

That’s why smart air quality monitoring devices are so essential. At the moment any potential hazards are detected, you’ll instantly be notified through a push alert sent to your mobile device. This smart home technology could potentially save your life.

Smart water leak sensors also can save you thousands of dollars in possible flood damage. Whenever pipes might be nearing a freezing level or pooling water is detected near a sensor, you’ll immediately be alerted to the situation.

Remote Locks

If you’ve ever forgotten to lock the front door as you leave the house, you’re not alone.

That’s why we recommend remote locks from Kwikset, Schlage or Yale Real Living.

When you connect one of these smart locks to your home, you’ll be able to secure them from anywhere in the world – whether you’re upstairs in your master bedroom or on vacation in the Caribbean.

Best of all, you don’t even need a key to enter your home. You can type in a personalized code that only a handful of people know – so that you further limit who can enter your home.

Smart Thermostats

The primary function of thermostats might not be to keep your property safe, but they do hold significant security value.

For example, what if you’re out of town during a winter snowstorm – which, as we know, is common here in Minnesota – and the power goes out? By the time you get home, you might already be dealing with frozen pipes and a potential disaster.

A smart thermostat will notify you whenever the temperatures in your home either are getting too hot or too cold so that you can take the proper action to keep your property safe.

Interactive Security Sensors

If a break-in ever were to occur in your Lakeville home, you should expect your smart home technology to let you know immediately.

You can include intelligent security sensors – including motion, window break-in and glass-shattering detectors – that will send a push alert to your phone whenever they are triggered.

As these devices allow you to stay in-the-loop on what’s happening throughout your property, you’ll be able to quickly take the necessary actions whenever disaster strikes.

Want to find out more about other smart home devices that can enhance your lifestyle?

Get in touch with the Lelch Audio | Video team today to explore your smart home technology options!

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