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The Speed of Sound - Talking to Your Home Stereo System

Let’s discuss the Sonos/Roku partnership rumors

The Speed of Sound - Talking to Your Home Stereo System

Earlier this year, Roku introduced its voice-controlled home theatre software. Now there’s speculation that Roku and Sonos will collaborate, creating a system where you can talk to your speakers through Roku voice commands. If it happens, the partnership will bring us a voice-controlled streaming service with superior sound right to your Edina, Minnesota home. Would you make that investment?


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Talking tech

Soon, streaming movies and TV might become as simple as talking to your Sonos speakers. Though it’s not clear exactly how the integration works, it looks as though instead of speaking to the Roku, you’d talk to the microphones within the Sonos speakers that would direct the command straight to Roku. For example, if you tell Sonos to, “Play Halloween,” Roku would start streaming the classic horror film.

CNET says that Sonos would integrate with Roku’s Entertainment Assistant, Roku Connect, to enable the devices to collaborate and control each other. According to a Sonos representative, the company isn’t rushing into these developments and will consider all their options before product launch: they’re open to having a number of companies discuss collaborations for unique voice-control experiences.


Keeping a connection

With all this new and improved technology, make sure you have a certified professional helping you strengthen your connection. The Sonos Bridge and Connect devices merge your home router to Sonos home stereo system equipment. We also install a router optimized for high-quality streaming.

Imagine how much you could speed up the process if you further streamlined your streaming services by speaking straight into your speaker. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, take a look at a few ways we can use existing wireless sound technology throughout the home.


Guarding against attacks

We all love connecting devices, but beware of a few risks. As always, look out for attacks when dealing with integrated, “no password required” systems, including wireless speakers, that share a network. Issues known as DNS rebinding attacks can occur when devices use the same network, which by default trusts other requests from the network and bypasses authentication requests such as passwords. When one part of the code is corrupted, it can cause a chain reaction of DNS attacks across your system.

Both Roku and Sonos are working on the best ways to stop malware for good; in the meantime, we recommend talking to a smart home audio professional, so you can connect your devices without a hitch. They can develop firewalls and dedicated subnetworks to strengthen your network against third-party attacks. For added peace of mind, you can access this handy website that will quickly scan your home for vulnerable devices.

As a certified Sonos provider, Lelch keeps track of all the upcoming trends while defending your existing devices. We’ll keep you posted for exciting Sonos updates, but for now, we’d love to improve your home audio experience with existing wireless technologies. Call us at (612) 851-8576 or fill out our online contact form.