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Top 3 Smart Technologies for Your Company’s Huddle Room

Boost Motivation and Productivity in Your Office

Top 3 Smart Technologies for Your Company’s Huddle Room

With so much going on in your workspace throughout the week, it can sometimes be hard for you and your employees to focus and get certain projects finished.

A top-notch smart solution is a huddle room for your Edina, MN business.  A huddle room allows workers to separate themselves from the bustling offices, and really buckle down to work on a task together.

In this blog, we’ll go through the top 3 smart technologies your huddle room could use and how they’ll make getting to work a lot easier than ever before.

Keep on reading below to learn more!


1. Quality 4K Screen

Whether you’re hosting a video conference or presenting notes on an assignment for everyone to see, a crystal-clear image is key.

That’s why a 4K Ultra HD screen is necessary for your huddle room.  You can operate the screen with just a press of a button on your smart device of choice.

Change the picture or video on the screen, adjust the volume for videos, or brighten the screen with ease.

If everyone needs to get together to work on something in a timely matter, you won’t have to spend time figuring out how to manage and turn on the system in its entirety.

You’ll have the screen turned on and running as everyone gets ready to go through your planned schedule in the huddle room.  No technical hiccups or glitches will be on the agenda!

2. Automated Lighting Control

You can set the ideal scene with smart lighting control.

If you are giving a small presentation to your group in the huddle room, you can dim the lights so that the main focal point is your 4K screen.

Using your same centralized source to control your screen, you can press a button on the same smart device to manage your lighting.

Does everyone need to take notes while you present?  No problem.  Brighten the lights a little so it’s perfect for your screen and for writing.

If you’re working late into the evening, you can even set the lights to adjust to the sun setting.  So as the late workday goes on, you won’t have to constantly be changing the lighting yourself while you’re all trying to finish a project.

3. Motorized Shades

If you’re working while the sun is high in the sky, you might run across a common issue: horrible glare on your screen.

Luckily, with motorized window treatments, you can lower your shades at any time to ensure that no sun rays create a blinding shine to interrupt the middle of a presentation.

You can use your smart device to lower and raise the shades as the sun’s intensity fluctuates as the day goes by.  Pair them with your lighting control so that the indoor lights adjust to the shades concealing the natural light.

If you’re running a brainstorming session, natural light can stimulate creativity. Raise the shades to create a more open environment for cooperation.

Want to learn more about a huddle room and its many smart features that can help boost productivity in your office?

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