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Want to Use Video Walls in Your Digital Signage?

Here's How You Can Make the Most of Your Display to Attract Customers to Your Business

Want to Use Video Walls in Your Digital Signage?

In the digital signage market, an option exists that instantly can set your Woodbury, MN, business apart from your competitors: Video walls. 

When installed correctly, they can be a showstopper. Multiple screens work in sync, showcasing content you choose to promote.

You can “wow” your customers and even stop curious bystanders that come across your expansive display – thereby attracting potential new clients.

Be careful, though. A video wall installation can quickly go wrong if you aren’t prepared and don’t have an extensive plan for your digital signage

How do you make sure your video wall will work as imagined and will genuinely enhance your digital signage? We answer those questions below.

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Know What You Want Out of Your Display (GOALS & Content)

If you’re considering installing a video wall for business, you must realize one thing: Your digital signage will only be as good as the content you display on it.

What does that mean? If you don’t have a plan for how you will utilize your video wall and what types of content you want it to promote, you won’t get the most out of your display.

Before you even consider which manufacturer you want to use or how you want to install your display (we give our recommendations later in this blog), define a business use for your video wall – how you want it to engage the end user, your customer.

Only then should you start thinking about the content you want to display.

Do you want to showcase multiple pieces of content at once or have your screens produce one, complete image? Do you want it to feature interactivity? Will you be using material that follows standard aspect ratios and is of high resolution?

That’s a lot of questions. We know. But the more your business plans for a video wall, the more likely your display will be effective from the moment you turn it live.

Location, Location, Location (Where you’re putting it impacts efficiency, size & screen selection)

Another factor critical to the success of your video wall is where you plan to place it.

This coincides with the importance of planning. Where you place your video wall has a significant impact on how it will look and what its role for your business will be.

Consider the surface area of the wall that you want your display to be showcased onto, the amount of light that area receives and how you want your video wall to appear to customers.

A professional assisting your project can choose an ideal number of screens that complement each other and the environment your video wall will be located within.

By avoiding appearance issues, your display can boast the “wow” factor you desire from it.

When determining the location for your video wall, also think about the role you want it to have. Perhaps you want to attract bystanders or instead entice current customers to a particular area within your establishment. If placed correctly, your digital signage could prove wonders.

Seek Professional Help (Maintenance, Calibration, and Consultation)

You’ve decided what you want out of your video wall and where you want it to go. Great! Now what?

We recommend you work with a professional that not only can install your display but also calibrate it to perfection. 

We utilize two of the top brands in digital signage – Tightrope Media Systems and BrightSign – to ensure your video wall will look and operate the way you want it. 

One of the best parts of working with a professional to build your video wall: Should anything go wrong during the installation or afterward, he or she has the expertise to fix it.

An installer also can help you through the process of designing a video wall to ensure it will attract customers and not be an eye-sore.

If you think your Woodbury, MN, business might benefit from a video wall, we can help your company achieve its digital signage goals. 

For more information about video walls, you can call us at (612) 353-5087, or you can fill out a form by clicking on the link below. 

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