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What is the Key to an Award-Winning Smart Home?

Why Our Project Won the 2018 Smart Home of the Year Award

What is the Key to an Award-Winning Smart Home?

Earlier this year we were awarded the 2018 Electronic House Gold Award for Smart Home of the Year for our Modern Craft project. Rave reviews either from clients or industry experts always feel great, but they also give us an opportunity to showcase what makes us unique as home automation installers.

This project is an excellent example of how we take input from our clients and convert it into a custom smart home solution. How can this have an impact in your Woodbury, MN Home? Everything we discuss in this blog doesn't just apply to our award-winning homes: it's the approach we take for every project.


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Understanding the Client

Listening to the client is the first step to a successful smart home. Verifying your needs and addressing them directly is the foundation of any project. Rarely do clients want everything we want to offer, and that's fine! This project featured many of our trademark solutions including lighting, motorized shades, distributed AV, security, surveillance, and even a fire pit! However, these weren't included as part of a one-size-fits-all package but rather chosen directly by the client.

Eliminating the Clutter

Often the main reason clients are reluctant to incorporate new technology is that they don’t want to add clutter to their home. Every one of our projects is a collaboration to blend technology and style seamlessly. The design was a big priority for this client, so we worked with Aspin Builders to ensure our smart home solutions didn't get in the way of their decor. Over the course of the project, this meant adjusting wall curvature, light fixture placement, and using subtle in-ceiling speakers.  

Designing Simplified Control Options

As we work on our projects, control also plays a significant role. Your smart home should be simple to use, and that can mean very different things to different families. Although many homes like to rely heavily on dedicated touchpads or apps, this family requested that primarily control be through wall switches and Amazon Alexa. Nevertheless, they still have access to the Control4 app when needed.

Vouching for Our Partners’ Performance

Every project we do relies not only on our design and installation services but also on working with the best. Not only do we help you figure out what features need, but we also advise you on the best products to use. Going with a specific brand isn't merely about promoting partners we like, but making sure they're the right fit for you and the particular home automation installation you have in mind.

In this project, that meant Control4 when it came to home automation, Sonance for multi-room and outdoor audio, Paradigm for high-performance music or surround sound applications, and Luma surveillance cameras.


How can you make sure you get the smart home of your dreams? The first step is reaching out to your local home automation installers for a discovery call. After a one-on-one meeting, we can gauge your unique needs and preferences and get started on your custom solution. Not only can you reach us by calling (612) 353-5087 or through our live chat, but you can also click below to set up a consultation.