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What Paradigm Speakers Are the Perfect Fit?

Towering Paradigms of Performance and Value

What Paradigm Speakers Are the Perfect Fit?

In this day and age of wireless speakers, powered speakers, Bluetooth, streaming audio, Sonos, and so many audio options, some people might think the floor standing tower speaker is an anachronism.  We know - if you are reading this - that this likely doesn’t describe you. If you want high fidelity sound, especially in a larger room or home theater, a tower speaker is still the best way to get true full range sound out of both music and movies. 

Lelch AV carries many fine audio brands that include speakers from Bowers and Wilkins, audio components from Anthem (which is part of Paradigm), and many others. Like other major speaker manufacturers, Paradigm makes a full line of speakers that includes bookshelf, subwoofer, powered, wireless, outdoor, and architectural models. While they innovate in every one of these, it’s fair to say that the tower models apply the very best of what Paradigm knows in speaker design, 

If you’re looking for superb speakers equally adept at music and movie soundtracks, read on to learn more about Paradigm tower speakers for your Woodbury MN listening room or theater.


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Affordable Audiophilia - The Classic Collection

Paradigm’s Monitor SE series is a pair of floor standing towers that offer outstanding performance for even the most budget-minded audiophile.  Both of these are three-way designs, with the SE 3000 packing four drivers and the SE 6000 having 6, starting at $349 per speaker.  Both towers have over 90dB sensitivity, enabling them to be driven to satisfying sound levels by most any decent AV receiver or amplifier.  They are available in matte black or high-gloss white cabinet finishes to fit into most decors.  The speakers also have matching surround and subwoofer models for those that want to make these the centerpiece of a home theater system. 


Step Up Performance - The Reference Collection

Paradigm’s reference collection includes the Prestige series and the new value-oriented Premier series.   Both of these series feature dual bass drivers and separate midrange and tweeters.  Both series offer excellent bass extension without a subwoofer - especially for music - that gets down below 30Hz.  The Prestige line features Paradigm’s signature aluminum bass and midrange drivers and sophisticated tweeter engineering that involves ferro-fluid cooled design. Somewhat unusual for higher end models, the Prestige series is also highly sensitive meaning they can be driven by moderately powered amplifiers - although they will truly shine with higher and better quality amplification.  The Prestige series comes in beautiful finishes that you would be proud to show off, including gloss finishes in piano black, white, midnight cherry and black walnut.


The Best  - The Persona Collection

Paradigm’s Persona collection is what one audio reviewer has called “Paradigm’s all-out assault on the high end.”  The model 9H tower, at $17,500, is the most expensive speaker the company has ever produced and incorporates all of what Paradigm has learned in over 30 years of speaker engineering.  The 9H features exotic Beryllium tweeters, 7-inch midranges, and a powered bass section that has a 700-watt amplifier.  Its bass extension is rated down to 15hz, which should negate the need for a subwoofer - although the Persona line includes one that goes even lower. 

Other models in the Persona line feature much of the same exotic engineering (sans the powered bass section) in various sizes and prices. This is one speaker that you certainly don’t want to hide; the industrial design is sleekly beautiful, and they are available in lustrous finishes that include blue and silver metallic gloss.

As we noted, Paradigm has a broad line of speakers that covers almost any audio application and price point.  Can we find one for you?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.