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What Security Do You Need to Protect Your Business?

A Checklist for Evaluating Solutions

What Security Do You Need to Protect Your Business?

Your business has valuable assets. Whether it’s inventory or parts and finished products, intellectual property, machinery and equipment, computers, or anything else, you want to ensure your assets are protected. The loss of any of these things can cause significant disruption, loss of revenue, time, and competitive advantage, so you want to ensure you have adequate safeguards in place to protect your enterprise.

The amount of security you need for your business may vary based on what it is. A retail shop has different needs from a restaurant, and a manufacturing company will have quite different requirements than a services company. But all businesses have common needs, and the extent to which you may need one over another, or the degree to which one is more important, will depend on your concerns and your specific business.

Let’s break down some of the types of protection you might need so you will have a better sense of how to choose the right business security solution for your needs in Woodbury, MN.

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Physical Access

What kind of access your employees need to have to your premises can vary greatly. Do you have a facility where you only need to grant access and people can roam freely anywhere within the location? If so, perhaps a pin system will work, where you just need a numerical code or password for entry.

If you need to restrict access within a facility based on need and job function, controlled access systems with smart badges can work well. For even more precise identification in higher security areas, biometric ID (like a thumbprint) or facial recognition may be the right option to ensure there is no sharing of entry credentials. For guest access from outside entries, an interactive intercom can help in visitor identification.

Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Video monitoring makes sense in many situations, including to ensure a safe workplace, reduce shrinkage in a retail environment, and protect against unauthorized entry either during or after business hours. Video surveillance can be continuous, or it can be triggered by motion or a sensor. If you want continuous monitoring, you want to keep in mind how long you need to store video footage and how quickly you may need to find a specific event. These questions can dictate choices for video storage, which can be on your premises, by a local service, or in the cloud.

The degree of detail you may require in video monitoring will also influence what kind of cameras you need. Some are much higher resolution than others, some have better low light visibility, and some can even be controlled remotely to obtain a better view of activity. Understand your needs; combinations of technology can be employed to get the right level of protection in different areas.

Environmental Monitoring

Some businesses require precise environmental controls. Control of any extremes in heat and cold can be critical for production or storage of products or raw materials. Basic safety detection of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is important as well. Does a system incorporate all the sensors you might need? Humidity, water intrusion, and UV detection are examples of additional environmental factors you may want to monitor.

Alerts and Controls

A good security system will be flexible with multiple ways of alerting you and monitoring services, as well as customizing how this is accomplished. You will want very detailed options for turning monitoring from cameras, alarms, and sensors on and off, or automating them by schedule.

Similarly, you will want remote alerts via different methods that may depend on the severity of the alert; for example, email may be fine for informational alerts, while text messages and app notifications are more appropriate for more critical incidents. Certain types of alarms may trigger an immediate call to authorities; others may be routed to you for action. Look for systems that provide enough detail in alerts that you can quickly diagnose what’s happened and take appropriate action.

Customer Service

We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a provider that will be there to provide the right level of service and support. From designing a customized system to providing post-sale support, Lelch Audio-Video stands ready to serve all your business security needs and will recommend the systems and infrastructure that will continue to serve you well into the future.

Let us work with you to protect your business in Woodbury. Contact us today or click the link below to connect with one of our smart home specialists.