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Articles tagged with: Commercial Automation

Enhance Your Minneapolis MDU Properties With Control4 Smart Solutions

Make Your Buildings Stand Apart from the Crowd

Enhance Your Minneapolis MDU Properties With Control4 Smart Solutions

As a building owner, property manager, or developer, you look for ways to set apart your projects and give yourself an edge.  You may have a complex with several residences, a high-rise apartment or condominium complex, or a mixed-use development that includes work and office spaces. In a competitive market, you want some points of differentiation.

It’s no secret that today’s dwelling-seekers are interested in smart home technology. The increased peace of mind from using smart cameras and sensors for monitoring and security, as well as the attraction of smart lighting and climate control to save energy and go "greener," make smart technology an attractive draw in a new living space. Most of these developments have common-area amenities like theater rooms, meeting and office space, and fitness facilities to draw prospective tenants.  All of those areas present excellent opportunities to differentiate your property with automation features as well.

In this blog, we will highlight smart solutions for your multiple dwelling unit (MDU) properties from Control4.  Control4 is the leader in smart home automation, and their products and MDU solutions offer a variety of ways to make your development stand out in Minneapolis, from small to very large.  Just keep reading to learn how. 

Huddle Room Solutions To Boost Employee Productivity

Make Your Minnetonka Office More Efficient With Smart Technology

Huddle Room Solutions To Boost Employee Productivity

It’s football season, so the concept of the huddle room feels especially active right now. It’s not a dusty conference room where people sit down and slowly melt into their seats over long meetings. The huddle room is an active spot where ideas are fired off to get people inspired, and the smaller size of the space is conducive to more lively discussion.

Our latest blog explores different huddle room solutions to make your Minnetonka office more productive and efficient. Keep reading to learn about these invaluable commercial technologies, which can also be scaled up for larger meeting spaces.

The Best Practices For Digital Signage Installation

Attract More Customers To Your Lakeville Business

The Best Practices For Digital Signage Installation

Back in the day, a sandwich board on the sidewalk was enough to grab a passerby’s attention and get them into a store, but times have changed. You need digital signage that can pull a person’s attention away from the phone in their hand, and the experts at Lelch can set up a high-definition digital signage system that performs smoothly and is easy to control.

Want to learn the best practices for digital signage installation to ensure your Lakeville business projects an engaging image to the world? Keep reading to find out.

Up Your Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Elevate Your Company’s Video Conferencing Method

Up Your Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Often times, company meetings include talking and discussing topics with employees whether they’re in the room with you or not.

And if you have global offices or even ones across town, you’ll need to include those workers who are not in the main meeting room.

That’s where Lifesize’s video conferencing technology can help your Minneapolis, MN workspace.  With the brand’s smart A/V features that can connect you to employees anywhere in the world, your next conference or presentation will get to everyone it needs to reach.

Keep on reading below to see the how its smart video technologies can change the way you run your company.

Design Your Conference Room for Productivity and Efficiency

This Smart Technology Will Shape Your Company’s Future Meetings

Design Your Conference Room for Productivity and Efficiency

The last thing you want during an important meeting or presentation is for the room’s smart technology to fail you and glitch at an inopportune moment.

When you want to communicate effectively, every moment is crucial.  Now you can take the control of your Wayzata, MN office back into your hands with a top-notch conference room design.

In this blog, we go into how you can avoid these unnecessary tech hiccups and hassles with these commercial automated features.  Read on to see how you can transform the way your company does business and runs smoothly.

3 Signs Your Office Can Benefit From a Huddle Room Solution

Find Out Whether Huddle Rooms Are the Right Fit For Your Business

3 Signs Your Office Can Benefit From a Huddle Room Solution

In a previous blog, we explored the basics of huddle rooms.

Not only are they a great space to host small meetings in your office, but they also can complement larger boardroom solutions.

But how do you know if huddle room solutions are right for your business, whether it’s in Woodbury, MN or elsewhere?

Below, we’ll explore three signs that might indicate your office would benefit from these cooperative spaces.

Just keep reading to find out more.

First Impressions Matter: Attract New Residents With Smart Technology

Find Out How Technology Amenities Can Bring High-End Buyers To Your MDU

First Impressions Matter: Attract New Residents With Smart Technology

In today’s competitive housing market, you want your residential complex to stand out.

Imagine possible buyers arriving at your multi-unit building and instantly falling in love with the amenities you provide.

Out of all the other housing options available, that person chooses to purchase a unit in your building. You profit, and so does your new buyer.

But how, exactly, can you fit technology amenities into the shared features of your Edina, MN multi-dwelling unit? We share some ways you can do just that in the sections below.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills With Commercial Lighting Control

Become More Energy Efficient With a Custom Lighting Solution

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills With Commercial Lighting Control

When organizing your budget, there are some costs that are easy to visualize and manage like salaries, rent, and product development. One of the biggest curve balls in any business enterprise has to do with energy expenses. If not handled properly. these can vary wildly from month to month, making it harder to allocate resources efficiently. Below we highlight some of the ways that a commercial lighting control system can help you manage energy costs in your Minnetonka, MN business.