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Articles tagged with: Home Theater Design

Introduction to Everything Dolby Vision HDR

Bring This AV Solution to Your Home Theater Installation

Introduction to Everything Dolby Vision HDR

Never watch a film or show in your own home the same way again. With a dedicated home theater, you can immerse yourself entirely in your media and host the ultimate movie nights for friends and family.

If you’re considering bringing a cinema to your living space, you might want to consider two factors. One, working with a top-notch home theater installer like Lelch Audio Video. Secondly, you’ll want the best image a screen can offer – that’s why you’ll want to know more about Dolby Vision HDR.

This most advanced form of HDR (High Dynamic Range) from Dolby will completely elevate your viewing experiences. Want to find out more about this AV solution? Just keep reading on below.

Transform Your Home Theater with Meridian Audio

Meridian’s Cinema Design Services Makes It Easy

Transform Your Home Theater with Meridian Audio

Recently we wrote on these pages about Meridian Audio and the unique digital processing technology they apply to their electronics and speakers. The company's long history in digital has contributed to standards such as the DVD-Audio disc and Dolby TrueHD, and more recently they were the driving force behind MQA, the emerging standard for distributing lossless, high-resolution audio over the internet.

While their unparalleled digital audio chops are well known in hi-fi audio circles, you might not think of Meridian when it comes to home theater audio. However, they bring their digital audio processing magic to home theaters as well. In an all-Meridian system, the speakers are self-powered and the audio travels to them in digital form, keeping the signal pure until it gets converted to analog sound at the speaker.

In whole home and many home theater installations, clients want in-wall speakers for an integrated look that doesn’t upset the décor. You might be wondering if something like a powered, digital in-wall speaker is possible – it is. Meridian has developed two new in-wall digital speakers, the DSP520 and the DSP640, to make sleek hi-fi and home theater applications a reality with their unique high-resolution audio processing.

As powered in-wall speakers clearly have some differences from conventional powered speakers, Meridian has taken an extra step to ensure that their products deliver the ultimate in audio performance. They have a free design service for custom integrators like Lelch Audio-Video to make it easy to incorporate Meridian technology for home theaters and whole home installations. So if you want the powerful, detailed high-resolution audio quality of Meridian in your Woodbury home, now you can have it in your home cinema and throughout the house.

To learn more about a Meridian system for home theaters and whole home audio, just keep reading.

Make Your Home Theater Stand Out from the Rest

Take a Turn from the Traditional with these Features

Make Your Home Theater Stand Out from the Rest

There’s no doubt about it: installing a dedicated home theater in your living space will transform how you and your family enjoy movies.

But how can you really make your private cinema feel just like the one downtown?  Most home theaters include the standard screen and loudspeakers, along with the basic decorations and lighting.

However, we have some tips and features that will set your home theater installation apart from any other in the Twin Cities.  Keep on reading below to see how you can truly make your space fit for the ultimate movie night!


How You Can Bring Hidden Technology to Your Home Theater Setup

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Ideal Interior Design for Home Cinema Technology

How You Can Bring Hidden Technology to Your Home Theater Setup

You can’t always place home theater systems within a dedicated cinema.

Sometimes, you might need to house a home cinema setup within a hybrid media room or perhaps your living room or family room.

In these cases, you might feel like you need to compromise your preferred interior design to accommodate for theater technology – such as speakers, widescreen TVs, projection screens, and more. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Below, we reveal how you can include hidden technology throughout your Lakeville, Minnesota home theater setup without affecting the overall auditory or visual experience.

3 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Home Theater Setups

Here’s What You Need to Know Ahead of Your Next Home Theater Project

3 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Home Theater Setups

Are you prepared for your next home theater project?

If you’re a homeowner in the Minnetonka, MN area or beyond and you’re looking to add a private cinema to your property (or you’re looking to update your existing theater), you should know this:

What you might think about residential theaters might not be entirely accurate.

Below, we explore three of the most common misconceptions about home theater setups – so that you can get the most out of your property’s theater installation.

Just keep reading to find out more.

LED vs. Non-LED Projectors: What You Need to Know

Find the Perfect Projector for Your Home Theater Setup

LED vs. Non-LED Projectors: What You Need to Know

A projector is an essential part of any home theater setup

Not only will it produce the image you watch on your projection screen, but it also is a serious investment.

You want your projector to produce the best image quality within your home theater, and finding the perfect projector might include doing some research.

Here’s one basic question: Should you go with an LED or a non-LED projector? 

In this blog, we’ll compare the two common projector types so that you can have a better idea of which one might suit your Wayzata, MN home theater best. 

Simply keep reading to find out more.