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Articles tagged with: Smart Home

Personalize Your Smart Home for The Ultimate Automated Lifestyle

While standard home automation systems can perform effectively, customizing everything makes your Minneapolis home that much more comfortable.

Personalize Your Smart Home for The Ultimate Automated Lifestyle

No one wants a cookie-cutter house; different families have different needs and preferences, and what works in one home may not be the right choice for another home. The same is true of home automation systems: You may be looking for someone to install a custom home theater or whole-home audio system, while your neighbors may be more interested in outdoor audio or lighting control.

Furthermore, different homes pose different challenges in terms of installation, wiring and integration. A one-size-fits-all approach to designing a smart home is not going to give you an optimal result. By personalizing your smart home, though, you can create a system that’s better suited to your needs and preferences, and it will likely work better, too.

That’s why we want to talk to you about all the ways you can personalize your Minneapolis, MN, smart home. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Building or Remodeling a Home?

Central Vacuums Are Still a Smart Choice

Building or Remodeling a Home?

We have written on these pages before about the benefits of central vacuums and central vacuum installation.  In this age of smart home technology, you may ask what’s so great about central vacuums?  No, they don’t vacuum the floors themselves (yet), but the traditional benefits of central vacuums are still intact in 2018. 

If you are building or remodeling a home, we’ve discussed the benefit of thinking about and planning for smart technology up front; it makes it much easier to plan the wiring, networking, and other infrastructure that is necessary for a future-proof smart home.  Central vacuums also benefit from the same advanced planning.  It’s much easier to plan for one in the framing, plumbing, and electrical wiring stage, and much less expensive to install than retrofitting.

If you are working on a large project – perhaps a significant addition or a new build – planning for a central vacuum makes sense. No one wants to drag a canister or upright vacuum all over a large home.  Of course, multiple vacuums can be purchased, but that also means multiple ones to maintain and store throughout the house. 

Let’s take another look at why central vacuums are a smart choice for your next Eden Prairie MN home build or remodel.

Home Automation Solutions for Halloween

Spook It Up A Notch

Home Automation Solutions for Halloween

We know that smart devices and home automation can make everyday life a little easier and more comfortable.  From lights that can turn on and off on their own, to hearing your favorite tunes anywhere in your home, to always having the temperature be just right, a home automation solution does the little things that add up to a better Minnesota day in Woodbury.   

Aside from the ease and comfort factor, smart home technology can be just plain fun.  We’re in October, and soon it will be Halloween again. If you have home automation technology installed, we have a few fun ideas on how to have the spookiest house in the neighborhood.  What’s that? You don’t have any home automation solutions in your house?  Call us; there’s still time before October 31!

How Control4’s Latest Puts Even More Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Work with an Automation Installer that’s Ahead of the Curve

How Control4’s Latest Puts Even More Control in the Palm of Your Hand

CEDIA 2018 was a big event, and few manufacturers made a bigger showing than Control4.

With a whole new operating system that increases capabilities and customization, now’s the perfect time to work with a Control4 certified home automation installer that can give you the command you want in your Edina, MN property.

What did Control4 bring to the table at this year’s expo? This blog will show you. Just keep reading to find out how one of the leading smart control companies is changing the game yet again.

5 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Smart Home's Functionality

Expand Your Home’s Control Capabilities Beyond Your Current Technology

5 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Smart Home's Functionality

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to begin brainstorming gift ideas for your family.

Here’s one: Consider a gift for your home that each member of your household can use every day.

Smart home automationSmart home automation upgrades not only serve as the perfect present, but they also benefit your residence long after the holidays.

How to Avoid the Most Common Wireless Network Mistakes

Let a Professional Technician Take the Lead for a Strong, Reliable Connection

How to Avoid the Most Common Wireless Network Mistakes

No technology seems to create more headaches for homeowners than wireless networks; especially now that they are linked to so many devices in your Woodbury, MN home. You're going to need a strong connection not only to check out your emails, but also to listen to music, watch movies, and change the thermostat. Despite its growing importance, people are still relying on DIY installations for their networks. Whether you’re tired of dealing with lagging signals or dead spots, this blog highlights some common home networking issues and how our expert technicians can resolve them.