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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Articles tagged with: Whole Home Audio

How to Avoid Common Home Audio Mistakes

Make Sure You’re Optimizing Your Multi-Room Music

How to Avoid Common Home Audio Mistakes

Imagine being able to hear your favorite tunes at any time – anywhere in your own Woodbury, MN home. That’s what a multi-room music system can do for you. Upload your entire media library or stream from Spotify or Pandora. In just seconds, you can switch from a relaxing melody to a pumped-up dance song.

But how can you know if you’re taking full advantage of your whole home audio? How can you avoid common mistakes that many make when utilizing their system? We want to make sure that you’re optimizing this top-notch solution, so in this blog, we’ll dive into the best tips for enhancing your multi-room audio.

Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.

How to Enjoy Great Sound From Above

In-Ceiling Speakers Let Music Flow But Don’t Upset the Decor

How to Enjoy Great Sound From Above

If you love music and great audio, you know that speakers are a critical part of the auditory experience. If you want quality home audio in multiple rooms, you could have bookshelf speakers or floor-standing speakers for the best sound in your Eden Prairie home.  But it’s not always practical in many rooms.

You could also have wireless speakers that are relatively unobtrusive.  While some models are quite good, you get better imaging from a pair of stereo speakers.  For years, the sleek solution to audio – especially for a multi-room setup - was in-ceiling speakers.  But they weren’t always known for the best quality sound.

That, however, has changed.  Almost every major speaker manufacturer makes in-ceiling models.  While some are geared for milder background listening, other models can rock like their freestanding counterparts.

Read on to learn more.

How Can Music Enhance Your Lifestyle?

Add a Soundtrack to Your Day With a Home Audio System

How Can Music Enhance Your Lifestyle?

You can transform an ordinary day or party into a memory your friends and family aren’t likely to forget – all with just a simple push of a button.

Installing a home audio system allows you to play your favorite songs and tunes in any area of your Minneapolis, MN home.  Take your media to the family room, your kitchen, and all the way outside to your backyard.

We’ll show you how your audio system can make any event or occasion one to remember.

Keep on reading below to find out your system can elevate every part of your living space.

Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Stereo System

These Top 3 Brands Can Transform Your Listening Experience

Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Stereo System

Listening to your selected music can take you to another level entirely.  You can have that elevated experience – as if you were at your favorite artist’s concert – every time, with a home stereo system.

Your Lakeville, MN home can become the perfect space to hear a new album or play the same songs over and over again.  You want a system that always produces high-end audio – so how can you achieve this?

We go over the top brands that guarantee a quality performance for every use.  Read on to see how you can completely change your auditory experiences from here on out.