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Articles tagged with: commercial lighting control

Expertly Harvest Daylight in Your Commercial Building

Lutron Shading Solutions Offer All the Options

Expertly Harvest Daylight in Your Commercial Building

In a typical office building, lighting and climate control make up more than 65 percent of energy usage. It's smart business to invest in solutions that help in curbing energy consumption. Lighting control systems can certainly help, and automation applied via occupancy sensors, timers, and other means can contribute to a more efficient environment. So can automated climate control.

Beyond lighting and climate control, another solution can yield efficiency and other benefits. The intelligent harnessing and management of natural light are sometimes overlooked. Before the advent of electricity, buildings relied on natural light to illuminate interior spaces. The availability of reliable and ubiquitous electric power changed the nature of building design and de-emphasized natural light. But now, with new energy regulations, a better understanding of the effects of climate change, and a new emphasis on sustainability, building design is once again focused on maximizing the benefits of natural light. This new concept is called designing for Daylight Autonomy.

Why Video Conferencing Is The Meeting Room Tool Your Office Needs Most

Take Your Wayzata, MN company to the future with high-tech conference equipment!

Why Video Conferencing Is The Meeting Room Tool Your Office Needs Most

Top-quality video conferencing equipment opens a world of possibilities to your business. In fact, it might even provide the key to higher revenues in 2019. How? The internet has given us the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, opening every opportunity to attract the highest-performing employees, the top-paying clients and a host of other profitable options.

Have you set any resolutions for your company’s first quarter yet? If you have, we can bet that they involve improving cash flow or efficiency. The good news is, video conferencing can work wonders for both of these goals. Call Lelch Audio and Video to see how you can start adding these functionalities to your Wayzata, MN conference room, and revolutionize your company this year!