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Articles tagged with: conference room technology

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Conferencing Setup?

How to Avoid These Common Video Conferencing Fails

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Conferencing Setup?

Efficient video conferencing is vital to both employee collaboration as well as client acquisition and retention. But despite its evident importance, many companies still settle for systems doomed to failure from the start. Over the years, we've seen a few common issues show up in a lot of the retrofit projects we fix.

We have learned from that experience, and it has helped us ensure all our projects avoid these common pitfalls from the start. Usually, most problems come down to using the wrong equipment, faulty installations, and subpar software and programming. As you read this blog, you may come across some issues you’ve experienced at your own Minneapolis, MN office.

What Is the Best Display Option for Video Conferencing?

Strong Audio Visuals Bolster Communications with Employees and Clients

What Is the Best Display Option for Video Conferencing?

Displays are the focal point of your conference room, drawing attention to essential video calls, presentations, or training material. Naturally, it’s the first piece of equipment many companies bring up during our AV installations. And it's one of the places where it's really easy to go wrong. Below, we highlight one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make in your Minneapolis, MN office: Should you go with a flat screen display or with a projector?

How to Avoid Common Conference Room Headaches

Create an Efficient Collaborative Space for Your Company

How to Avoid Common Conference Room Headaches

Designing a useful conference room audio video system is all about making sure technology enhances your space instead of becoming a constant headache for the team. Looking at specific pain points that your company experiences during meetings is a great way to start when looking for the right solution for your Minneapolis, MN office.

Envision your last nightmare meeting: What went wrong? There may have been equipment that crashed, distracting audio feedback, or a fight for the room's limited cable options. This blog highlights some common complaints from office employees and emphasizes the technology solutions that can help.

Up Your Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Elevate Your Company’s Video Conferencing Method

Up Your Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Often times, company meetings include talking and discussing topics with employees whether they’re in the room with you or not.

And if you have global offices or even ones across town, you’ll need to include those workers who are not in the main meeting room.

That’s where Lifesize’s video conferencing technology can help your Minneapolis, MN workspace.  With the brand’s smart A/V features that can connect you to employees anywhere in the world, your next conference or presentation will get to everyone it needs to reach.

Keep on reading below to see the how its smart video technologies can change the way you run your company.

Introduction to Huddle Rooms: What You Need to Know

Learn More About The Ideal Office Environment For Small Meetings

Introduction to Huddle Rooms: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, a single large conference room just isn’t the right solution for your office.

Maybe you have a small group of employees, or you typically would use a boardroom for calls requiring only a few people. 

If you run your business out of an office and notice that meeting space tends to be an issue, you aren’t alone.

A huddle room solution, however, can give your Eden Prairie, MN workplace a smaller space for those important business calls that you and your employees might partake in.  

Below, we’ll explore what huddle rooms are and how you can make the most of one (or several) within your office.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills With Commercial Lighting Control

Become More Energy Efficient With a Custom Lighting Solution

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills With Commercial Lighting Control

When organizing your budget, there are some costs that are easy to visualize and manage like salaries, rent, and product development. One of the biggest curve balls in any business enterprise has to do with energy expenses. If not handled properly. these can vary wildly from month to month, making it harder to allocate resources efficiently. Below we highlight some of the ways that a commercial lighting control system can help you manage energy costs in your Minnetonka, MN business.