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Home Automation Solutions for Halloween

Spook It Up A Notch

Home Automation Solutions for Halloween

We know that smart devices and home automation can make everyday life a little easier and more comfortable.  From lights that can turn on and off on their own, to hearing your favorite tunes anywhere in your home, to always having the temperature be just right, a home automation solution does the little things that add up to a better Minnesota day in Woodbury.   

Aside from the ease and comfort factor, smart home technology can be just plain fun.  We’re in October, and soon it will be Halloween again. If you have home automation technology installed, we have a few fun ideas on how to have the spookiest house in the neighborhood.  What’s that? You don’t have any home automation solutions in your house?  Call us; there’s still time before October 31!


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Smart and Scary Lights

Smart landscape lighting is always a good idea year-round.  For Halloween, you can play with them for spooky effects.  Dim you outside lights up and down continually – your house will get noticed.  If you have color-enabled LED lighting outdoors, get creative with the use of color for attention and the fright factor.  Automate it all with a scene in your smart home system called “Halloween” – it can turn itself off when you call it a night.


Spooky Tunes

Set the scary mood outside your door with the right music.  Today’s wireless speakers – like those from our partner Sonos – make it easy to put sound practically anywhere.  Why not make those carefully carved Jack-o-lanterns just a little spookier.  Hide a Sonos Play 1 speaker inside the jack-o-lantern.  Play a scary playlist from your smartphone.  Watch the kids’ reactions from a window. 


Video Doorbell

A video doorbell system like the Control4 Door Station with intercom can help you channel your inner Freddy Krueger or zombie this Halloween.  When the doorbell is rung, you can answer in character through the intercom, right from your smartphone or a wall mounted Control4 Touch Screen.  You can see and hear them, but they don’t see you. Offer extra candy if they say the magic word. Naturally, if the doorbell rings and it doesn’t look like kids in costume in your video feed, you don’t have to answer. Oh, and did you know that if your AV system is controlled by Control4, it can automatically pause when they ring the Door Station? 

For a scarier effect, with Control4 smart lighting, you could even flash the porch lights on and off when the doorbell rings.  Get creative – with home automation, Halloween can be fun for adults too. 

Just like with everyday tasks, Halloween is easier in Woodbury with a home automation solution.  Contact us or click the link below to connect, either way, we promise we’re not scary!