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How to Bring Immersive 4K Quality Into Your Home Theater

Explore Sony’s Premier 4K Televisions, Projectors, and Receivers

How to Bring Immersive 4K Quality Into Your Home Theater

Entertainment is one of the keystones of your home. Not only does it bring your family together, but it entices your closest friends to come over for a few hours. There are many ways you can bring immersive entertainment to your Woodbury, MN space from dedicated home theaters to multi-room audio.

Having 4K UHD resolution in all your entertainment areas helps you create a more compelling watching experience whether you’re putting on a sports game or your favorite movie. With four times the resolution of high-definition, you get a more realistic and dynamic image.

Sony makes it easier than ever to take advantage of this new technology through their elite line of home theater projectors, AV receivers, and flatscreen televisions. Verify you're getting true 4K resolution with a professional installation that ensures all components in your signal path –from source to display-are optimized for your space.  

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4K Televisions

Even though many people like the allure of projector-and-screen combinations, televisions are still the best option in most multi-purpose entertainment areas. Not only are they brighter and therefore better at dealing with ambient lighting, but they tend to be more cost-effective as well. There are eight different Sony 4K televisions you can choose from both in LED and OLED varieties.

We recommend going with one of their Master Series, either the Z9F LED model or the OLED A9F model. These range in size from 55" to 75" so they're perfect for dedicated viewing areas like a media room or home theater. With Sony’s X1 processor, these flatscreens offer stunningly real 4K HDR quality. It’s thin bezel design also makes it easy to incorporate into your décor.

4K Projectors

Home theater projectors may be a better option if you want to go bigger than 75 inches or if you’re in a dedicated space where ambient light is not an issue. Deliver dynamic 4K quality to your theater with one of Sony's ten different projector models. A variety of conventional and short-throw projectors are available to match your unique limitations. 

You can go with Sony’s most advanced projector, the VPL-VW5000ES, which packs 5,000 lumens of brightness, in applications with a lot of ambient lighting. Have space limitations to deal with? Outfit your media room or theater with a short-throw projector that only needs to sit a few feet from the screen. Sony’s VPL-VZ1000ES offers full 4K HDR signals at sizes of up to 100 inches.

Sony ES Receivers

Once you’ve chosen the projector or TV you want to work with, you need to pair it up with a high-quality AV receiver as well. Knowing how you plan to use your theater or media room will help you figure out which of Sony’s five different 4K receivers are the best fit. These AV receivers vary primarily on the number of audio channels and inputs they can accommodate.  

All of them are important in processing 4K HDR content from your Blu-ray player, media library or streaming services. HD content is also upscaled to look sharper and more realistic. Here it’s particularly useful to work with a professional to find the ideal receiver based on your needs and ensure it is hooked up successfully to all source devices, displays, and speakers.

There are a variety of ways to bring the best in 4K HDR video technology into your Minnesota home. All of our technicians have experience installing and calibrating products from Sony and other top AV companies to get the most of your entertainment spaces.

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