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How Your Commercial Security System Can Help You Prevent Vandalism

Commercial Security Systems Can Keep Your Property Safe

How Your Commercial Security System Can Help You Prevent Vandalism

Vandalism costs so much time and money and intimidates the employees working in your office. Did you know that, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one single vandalism incident costs more than $3,000 to fix? That’s a huge hit to your bottom line, especially if you’re a new business.

How can you prevent vandalism? We have a few pointers and equipment suggestions to protect your Lakeville, MN office building from this crime and help you invest in the best commercial security system for your Lakeville, MN property. Keep reading for some of our tips!


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Install the Proper Video Surveillance

At Lelch, we use top-quality video equipment that sees all angles of a criminal’s activity. Today’s cameras also feature facial recognition and 4K resolution, so the offender can be correctly identified. With facial recognition technology, you can show your camera photos of people who are allowed near the building so that you’ll be alerted when an intruder arrives through a smartphone notification.

These cameras offer remote access so you feel in control and knowledgeable at all times. Managers and other authorized personnel can view these livestreams from their own devices if they feel the need to intervene or show evidence. Designated staff will also receive real-time updates about any suspicious activity.

You can also replay videos of suspected vandalism: Some systems are equipped with software that condenses hours of footage into just a few minutes, so you waste no time getting to the replay.

Video surveillance enables you to make the right decisions for your business. Let us help you determine the surveillance equipment you need to safeguard your business from vandalism.

Light Your Office Exterior

It’s no secret that vandals work in the dark, so some well-placed outdoor lights will halt their crime really quickly. Did you know that outdoor lighting can also sync up with your camera’s facial recognition technology? Experts at Lelch can merge your camera equipment with your automated outdoor lighting so that the property lights up when someone unrecognizable to the camera approaches.

Invest in Alarms

Your business can really scare of vandals with this hands-off approach that guarantees that the criminal will flee the scene. Though we’ve mentioned remotely connected cameras and lighting, alarms don’t require your use of an app while you’re away from work. As soon as your camera or motion sensors notice suspicious activity, your alarm will sound to alert the criminal as well as any employees present.

Large or Small -- Report It All!

No technology is involved here, but if you see someone vandalizing your business or someone else’s -- report it immediately. No crime is too small to notify the police, especially when you consider the costs incurred to that business.

We design all of our commercial security systems custom for our clients. We choose the ideal camera locations, access control solutions, and personalized alerts according to your unique business needs.

Want to learn more about commercial security for your business?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  We’d love to hear from you.